Giving Black Women Power is a Form of Protection

With March being Women’s History Month, there’s not a more perfect time to introduce our new initiative, Protect Black Women. Through thoughtful partnerships and campaigns, we’ve made it our mission to highlight everything amazing about Black women.
When’s the last time you went to a photoshoot or video set and seen an all-Black woman crew? Black women have been in the photography, cinematography and commercial media spaces for a while yet are the least represented and appreciated in the field. We’ve challenged all preconceived notions and did it! Yes, WE DID IT! We got together some of LA’s most talented
directors, photographers, stylists and models with sole intention of showing the world what Black women are capable of. This is just the beginning, and as we continue to grow more and more Black creatives will have the opportunity grow with us.
Part of protecting Black people is making sure they have a way to live a sustainable and enjoyable life. At CISE, one of our founding properties is creating initiatives with the purpose of providing awareness and opportunities to minority and disadvantaged groups. We have already donated proceeds into organizations beginning with the Anti-Racism Fund. As our community grows, our goal is to become a space for Black creatives to share their talent and experience.
Our latest partnership with Justice for Black Girls allows us to help elevate the voices of Black girls as they ascend on adulthood. Aside from donating proceeds, we are providing each member of the organization with their first luxury handbag.
As we call attention to the worth of Black women we should be reminded:
Black women are trendsetters.
Black women are innovators and creators.

Black women are paradisiacal

About Justice for Black Girls
Justice for Black Girls (JBG) cultivates student activism through our Justice Ambassadors Program. JBG partners with institutions of higher learning and grassroots organizations to engage Black girls in the academic and policy work that centers Black girlhood. Ultimately, JBG is focused on equipping Black girls with tools not authorized by empowerment- focused on developing self help in the midst of structural degradation, but power- the agency to alter the systems that actively marginalize Black girlhood. We are committed to creating space
that enables Black girls to imagine a life beyond the confining structures in which they currently live.

To learn more about Justice for Black Girls visit:

March 15, 2021 — Andrew Melton
Tags: CISE