About Us

Welcome! We are CISE. A Black-owned Los Angeles based fashion house with a simple idea: Stronger Threads For A Stronger Community. We got our start with the goal of creating apparel that gives a voice to those in society who are typically ignored. Our very first initiative was the Protect Black People line. Under this campaign, we released varied pieces with a poignant message, PROTECT US! Today, we have sold thousands of garments displaying subtle yet vocal messages. We are committed to making a difference one purchase at a time.

Our Mission

CISE hopes to pull others into the frame of establishing brands that stand for something.

The Future of CISE

Our mission will always be to support the Black community. We have already begun funneling proceeds into organizations beginning with the Anti-Racism Fund. As the company grows, our goal is to become a springboard for Black creatives and the Black dollar. While continuing to do what we do best. Stronger threads for a stronger community.


Proceeds raised from this initiative will be used to help construct an organization that will help build the Black dollar.