CISE's Vegan Bags for Women

The value of being ”one-in-a-million” is exemplary for characters to CISE, a Fashion and Vegan Leather Bag Company launched by Van Putten based in Los Angeles in early 2020 with a sole design and development process, ensuring both fashion and luxury, which makes a difference at the time of purchase. A leather bag company enriches pop culture, people, and places funneling voices to those in the fellowship who are typically ignored.

Additionally, CISE’s creation of the Protect Black People line has created a poignant message for the community and established a world-class leather handbag and clothing brand. A compatible design of inspirations leads to the development of the CISE.

As a Black-Owned Fashion Brand, CISE presents mini bags with an impactful message of “Protect Black Women” and has embossed various shades of the feminine.

Van Patten's signature bag-relief handbag etching has become a celebrity staple, with clients including Lizzo. The apparel created aligns with humanitarian aims in fabricating the opportunity that empowers socially impactful merchandise.

From tote bags to suede bags and small crossbody bags, the brand had varieties of choices provided for the brave and valiant. The vegan bags for women and leather bags are featured with the words ‘Protect Black People’ and ‘Protect Black Women’ along with the brand slogan, prioritizing the support to the organization.

Our purpose and optimism resulted into a successful apparel brand rather than marketing and sales, leading to the creation of a Shopify ecommerce store. The factor that makes a difference from competitors is to leave one comfort zone and take the business and poignant messages to make the masses aware. Thus, able to create a stronger community thread by thread by building this apparel company.

CISE not only donates to the Anti Racism Fund but also to Women Exceeding, providing professional opportunities for women’s development leading to the immense support from public families. The thing that makes a difference is working together as a team and combining creative apparel ideas into clothing items that you will love to wear.

We believe that our mission puts our apparel into such spaces that can put us in a great position. While the future of CISE is bright, we believe success is still too far, as we want more and will be going on the way of wanting more.