CISE Product Quality

The CISE product you have purchased has been hand-crafted with the finest materials. Shading and marks in the skin are part of its natural characteristics. Therefore, each bag received may appear different and special to each customer. It is important to keep any and all genuine leather, vegan leather, or vegan suede products out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Additionally, it is best to keep any and all products away from any liquid substances as it could affect the quality of your purchase.

CISE Product Care

In order to maintain the product’s original quality, whether you have purchased a vegan leather, vegan suede, or genuine leather bag, please do not expose  these products to heat and/or humidity sources. Please note that sunlight can cause changes in the color of your bag. Additionally, some leather can get stained from exposure to water, cosmetics, or oils. If your item does get wet, take a dry soft cloth to pat dry and  then allow it to air dry.

Do not leave the product in contact with other leathers and/or plastic bags. If required, fill the bag to help conserve its shape and keep the detachable strap on the outside of the bag. Vegan leather or suede and genuine leather may absorb color, therefore do not keep them in close contact with other materials. Materials may release some color as a result of its processing; in order to remove it, do not wet the product, but use a dry, soft-bristle brush.

During the processing and transportation of your CISE item(s), items can soak up scents that are found in the area in where they are held. A quick and easy way to remove odors from your product is to use professional cleaning products or conditioners. Placing your item in a well-ventilated area with fresh air can also help remove odors. Lastly, since paper is more porous than leather, it is excellent for absorbing odors. You can pack the item(s) up in packing paper.

Items made with leather may crease when placed in packages such as boxes and/or bags. Because our leather products are boxed and shipped to you, shipping and handling may affect the bag's shape.  We do our absolute best to pack our products with extreme care. When your item is not in use, please keep it inside of the protective dust bag to safeguard its quality.

When manufacturing the PBP Rug, yellow marks may be visible as these yellow marks are an indicator for workers to have an accurate estimate of its size during the manufacturing of the edges of this rug. To remove these marks, please consider using a foam cleaner to spray on the edges then use a vacuum cleaner to finish the removal. 

The PBP Sweatpants and PBP Crewneck Sweatshirts run small therefore we suggest that each customer size up from their original size. Please refer to the size guide for the PBP Sweatpants and PBP Crewneck Sweatshirts listed on our website to purchase the perfect fit. The PBP Hoodie and PBP Crewneck Sweatshirts do share the same size chart.

Your item has been expertly manufactured using carefully selected quality processing and using carefully selected quality materials; any apparent imperfections are actually unique natural features of the item. Each detail and all finishing’s are reviewed for quality and constantly improved through manufacturing and attention to detail. To extend the life of your item, please visit a product care professional.

For further information regarding product care, please contact CISE’s Customer Service Team online. CISE is not liable in any way for damage to the product due to improper use and conservation of the product that does not comply with the instructions provided herein. Please follow our return/exchange policy listed on our website for more information.