CISE is an apparel line with an explicit charitable purpose: to commit resources and create opportunities that enrich, empower, and celebrate the Black community. In addition to creating socially impactful merchandise, we achieve this by:

1) Donating to organizations whose missions and services are aligned with CISE to empower the Black community through a fashion-forward lens 

2) Partnering with and supporting Black-owned organizations through purpose-driven events 

Our Impact: To date, CISE has donated over 4,000 PPE masks over $61,500 in product, and $31,000 in monetary support to Black-owned organizations and businesses.

Our Priorities:

Social Justice      |        Entrepreneurship        |          Education

Black people are nearly 3x more likely to be killed by police than white people in the United States (Mapping Police Violence).

 In 2019, there were a total of 5,771,292 employer firms (businesses with more than one employee), of which only 2.3% (134,567) were Black-owned, even though Black people comprise 14.2% of the country's population (Brookings Institution).

Of the 16.6 million total undergraduate students enrolled in the Fall of 2019, Black students made up 2.1 million students of the undergraduate population (12.7%) but they were not equally represented at different institution types. (Postsecondary National Policy Institute). 


CISE is proud to engage in the following methods to help care for our planet and mitigate the impact of waste in our communities: 

1) Supply chain responsibility through responsible sourcing

2) Upcycling and donating vetted returned products

3) Working with local Black artists to repurpose unused or returned products